Maritime division offers a professional technical service covering the installation, operation, maintenance and inspection of all types of maritime equipment.

The services include all lifting equipment associated with maritime scopes of work – from the supply of a shackle or rigging loft hire through to the complex installation of large pieces of equipment.

We offer execution of regular maintenance routines and inspections on-site such as routine checks and extensive maintenance programmes, safety checks within the scope of certification requirements, status reports for hydraulic, electronic and structural components and recommendations for preventative measures.

On demand, we provide measures to increase the working life of the equipment by overhauling of main components such as drive assemblies, engines, pumps, slewing mechanisms and accessories.

GMS has a strong mechanic and engineering focus. From offshore crane projects, modifications and upgrades, crane maintenance we have the experience and technological proficiency to make your project on time and under reasonable budget.

Engineering is our big strength. The tailor-made service we offer to our customers ensures the highest standard of design and manufacture to fit your specific project needs, no matter where you are in the world.